Bismuth Balanced Fund

It is a moderate risk sub-fund in comparison to two other (planned) sub-funds of Bismuth Structured Products Fund. The goal of this sub-fund is to balance growth opportunities available through structured financial products with capital protection which can be added to these instruments limiting excessive risk.

Latest NAV

100.4427 USD
Date as of 30/01/2020


Total Return as of 30/01/2020

Assets Under Management

306,112.32 USD

Management fee
Minimum investment
125.000 EUR equivalent in USD

Investment Objective

Bismuth Balanced Fund is a Subfund of Bismuth Structured Products Fund. The Subfund’s investment goal is to collectively invest the accumulated funds in transferrable Structured Financial Products (SFP), the return on which may depend on the return on other Underlying Asset (UL) and which may have a certain nominal invested amount protection level, in addition to the issuer’s credit risk following the ISDA regulations of 2014.
All SFP, where the Subfund will invest, will be registered in a Regulated Market(-s) and/or will be traded in the multilateral trade system.
The Subfund will invest 25-50% of its NAV in capital protected SFP. However, the Subfund has the right to invest more than 50% of the NAV in capital protected SFP in view of the situation
in the financial markets.

Main Fund Characteristics

  • ISIN LTIF00000708
    Inception Date 13/11/2017
  • LEI code 254900I2PEHMXTKKZU16
    Domicile Lithuania
  • Bloomberg ticker BISMUTH:LH
    Applicable law Lithuanian
  • Base currency USD
    Fund manager Vilius Oškeliūnas, CFA
  • NAV calculation Daily
    Fund Type Sub-Fund dedicated for Informed Investors
  • Minimum investment 125.000 EUR equivalent in USD
    Umbrella Fund Bismuth Structured Products Fund
  • Lock-in 6 months
    UCITS No
  • Income treatment Reinvesting
    Depository SEB bankas, AB
  • Leverage Up to 25% NAV
    Auditor KPMG Baltics, UAB
  • Management fee 2%
  • Success fee 20% above 10% hurdle rate
  • High-Water mark Yes

Performance Chart

Performance Table

Name YTD 1 Year 3 Year Since Inception
Bismuth Balanced Fund 0.7746% - - 0.4427%
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Fund Holdings

These are sub-fund’s investments arranged by some of the main features. More information on sub-fund’s investments can be found in Factsheet.

Fund Documents

Name Type Language Date Size Download
Bismuth Structured Products Fund – Regulations pdf EN 2018-06-28 404.43 KB
Bismuth Structured Products Fund – Prospectus pdf EN 2018-06-28 609.64 KB
Bismuth Balanced Fund – Key Investor Information pdf EN 134.49 KB
Bismuth Balanced Fund – Factsheet pdf EN 397.55 KB

Your Contacts

Vilius Oškeliūnas, CFA

Danny Skutelis